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SH2-101 Tulip Nebula

Sh2-101 is sometimes also referred to as the ‘Tulip Nebula’ for its resemblance with the tulip flower and is located close to a suspected black hole.

Distance to earth: 6’000 lightyears
Apparent size (of tulip) : 15 arcminutes (0.5 x the moon)

Imaging time: 28.6 hours

Telescope: SW Evostar 80ED
Camera: Atik 460EX Mono

Capture information:
Date: May 2017 – August 2018
Total exposure time: 28.6 hours
Panels: 2×1
Color combination: HaOIII

Image data:
23 x 2 x 1200s HA
20 x 2 x 1200 OIII bin2